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Frequently Asked Questions

Kickstart will run in conjunction with local National Schools. Therefore will be closed at midterm, Christmas, Easter, and summer breaks. However, camps will be available for children to participate in during these times!


What happens if there are snow days? If a “disaster” occurs which prevents staff from being on-site, Kickstart will return your hours the following week and/or add extra days onto the end of the term. Standing orders must remain in place at all times.

If your child is absent, standing orders/payments must remain in place. This is standard practice for all childcare centers. Can you imagine if 20 parents all decided to go on holidays for the month of June… and decided not to keep up payments… staff could not be paid… 🙁 but you would also lose your child’s place with us, as we simply cannot keep places that are not paid for. We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

If your child is out sick, it is very important you ring Kickstart and let the teacher know the reason for absence e.g head cold, chickenpox, etc if you do not ring we cannot put in place the correct procedures to minimize the infection present within the preschool. Children must stay out for at least 24hours once the infection has cleared, to ensure infections are not passed onto others.

Do children need to be toilet trained? NO, changing facilities are available onsite and teachers will encourage everyone to jump onboard the potty train, once ready!!